We are revolutionising the way you consume your hot products!

Introducing The 42 Degrees Company self heating technology, now you can have a hot beverage or soup in just 3 minutes wherever you are. With our safe and natural exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water, we guarantee a temperature increase of 42˚C.

Plus, our separated compartments ensure that the reaction never touches the beverage or soup! Enjoy the convenience of having a warm product without needing electricity - with self heating products, it's that easy.

Informative Video on Self Heating Cans

Simple. Quick. Hassle Free

Self Heating Reaction

The self-heating can will heat up by +42°C in only 3 minutes, with a couple of simple steps. There is no need for any electrical devices, batteries, or external heating sources. The heat comes from an exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water.

Separate Isolated Chambers

Your drink never comes into contact with the reaction. They are completely isolated from each other. Only energy, in the form of heat, is transferred between the beverage and the reaction.

Find the Instructions on the Label

All the instructions are found on the label for your convenience. You can also scan the QR code and get taken to the Instructions page. Follow the instructions or watch the video on your device if you are ever in doubt!

  • Top Ring for Easy Drinking

    Both the self-heating can and the drink get HOT! So we added our top ring to keep your lips protected while you enjoy your beverage.

  • Coloured Blue Water

    We added blue food colouring to the water. We want to make it more visual so that you can see when all the water has entered the calcium oxide chamber, and the reaction begins.

  • Our Label has a Filter Insulation

    We included a thermal filter in our label so that the can is pleasant to hold and won’t burn your hands. Plus, now the can also works as great hand warmers that last 20 minutes! Perfect for when you are outside and your hands are cold!

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— Unique & Ideal For Emergencies —

The only 100% convenient product

  • Separated compartments

  • Open the bottom lid

  • Press down on the blue capsule

  • Immediately flip when steam appears

  • Stir gently & wait for 3 minutes

  • Enjoy your favourite hot beverage or soup

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  • Dedication to Safety

    The can is safety tested and passes all international health and safety standards. The reaction is non-combustible and non-flammable and is completely separated from your beverage. So you can enjoy your satisfying break anywhere, any time!

  • In-house Quality Control

    We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the consistency of our product. We also have third-party quality testing and certified international suppliers to make sure that you always have a hot drink in 3 minutes!

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Some common questions you may have

What is an Exothermic Natural Reaction?

An exothermic reaction releases energy, usually in the form of heat or light when chemicals come into contact. The reaction between Water and Calcium Oxide will result in Calcium Hydroxide and heat. In our self-heating cans, they will reach its peak heat after 3 minutes.

What is Calcium Oxide?

Calcium oxide (CaO) is also commonly known as Quicklime, and is a widely used chemical compound primarily in construction. It is a white rock at room temperature. Uniquely, when calcium oxide reacts with water to create calcium hydroxide, the reaction releases a lot of energy in the form of heat. Since it is a non combustable material, the chemical reaction is ideal to heat your beverages and soups inside of your self-heating can.

Why Does Steam Appear?

Steam will come out from the bottom of the can around 15-30 seconds after you press down on the can. This is a normal part of the self-heating process. The natural exothermic reaction between water and calcium oxide generates steam. Once you see the steam turn the can the right side up again and stir softly for a few seconds, and your favourite drink is hot in 3 minutes.

How Hot Will My Product Get?

After 3 minutes the product inside the self heating can will have increased its temperature by approximately 42˚C over its initial ambient temperature.

That means that if the storage temperature of your can was 20˚C, then the product will be a delicious 62˚C.

We suggest that you store the products between 5˚C-30˚C for the optimal product and for the reaction to work as intended.

How Should I Store My Self Heating Can?

We recommend that you store your self heating can in a dry place with temperatures ranging from 5˚C-30˚C.