A dedicated company with committed staff producing an exciting and unique product!

Our History

The company was founded in 2017 in Valladolid, Spain. The can was developed by Spanish scientists and inventors to provide the convenience of having a hot beverage without any access to electrical devices or stores! They had the problem that a thermos didn’t stay warm during their trip, and instead wanted a hot beverage anywhere, any time.

We developed a can that could heat a beverage by 25°C. This was later redeveloped and improved to increase the beverage’s temperature by +42°C over its initial temperature. And today, the company has a consistent product that makes it your personal coffee maker and thermos on-the-go for whenever you want to take a break and enjoy a hot beverage. Besides, with currently 13 flavours, you decide which hot beverage or soups you want, at any time!

  • Quality is Key

    All our products, have been through several quality control points to ensure that every time you enjoy your self-heating beverage, you have a consistent and quality product in your hands. We control the full production chain, and work only with certified international suppliers.

  • Innovation is in Our Nature

    Innovation is what drives us! We believe that our products and processes can always be improved, therefore our R&D department is constantly observing, researching and developing new techniques, finding new technology and developing recipes. 

Our Trusted Team

Our diverse and dedicated team has vast experience inside production, innovation, and the technology behind our self-heating cans. With a great range of youth and experience, we are constantly developing new practices and processes to bring you a one-of-a-kind product you can bring with you anywhere.

Humanitarian Efforts and Community Support

Emergency Relief

We proudly support and supply the UN and Red Cross, amongst other global NGOs, with our product for their staff and emergency relief departments. We believe that our product is able to support humans fighting natural or human disasters with hot beverages and specialized recipes. A hot beverage will provide both energy, comfort and warmth for someone in need.

Blue Light Support

Our product is perfect for our frontline workers in healthcare, firefighting and police forces. When working and constantly being alert, our product is able to give them the possibility of having a hot beverage anywhere they are for warmth and energy.

During Covid-19 we proudly supported our local hospitals, and police forces with our product to keep them warm and energized during their long and difficult working hours, and we will continue to show our support as we move forward.

The 42 Degrees Company is registered and we also have the status of Stand-By Suppliers* with the following organisations:

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UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund), WHO (World Health Organization), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency, USA), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), IOM (International Organization for Migrants), Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders, WFP (World Food Program). With Vendor ID number 526889