We're on a mission to bring warmth and comfort to those in need

The 42 Degrees Company is the only EU manufacturer of unique self heating beverages that help thousands of people worldwide when there is no sources of clean water, when there is a lack of electricity or gas, and the overall surrounding situation is overwhelming, by providing the option of enjoying the comfort of a HOT COFFEE OR SOUP at the moment that it is most needed.

Our Key Values

The 42 Degrees Company's values are rooted in the idea of helping and supporting the people in need in our community and around the world, providing comfort and warmth through not only our products but in our daily decisions and choices.

Compassion For the World

Our self-heating beverages and soups provide warmth and filling food for those in need, ensuring that the most vulnerable have access to sanitary and safe products.

A Helping Hand When it Matters Most

We support volunteer aid workers, emergency response personnel, police, ambulance and firefight workers with our self heating beverages. We’re committed to helping people when they need it the most.

Technology That Helps Lives

Our technology quickly responds to crises and provides immediate relief in emergency situations. Our beverages are designed for fast deployment and easy storage so that everyone can enjoy the comfort

Warmth and comfort is our business

With hundreds of thousands of people facing problems of environmental disasters, human disasters, or wars across the world that damage their local infrastructure, we want to help provide them with the comfort of a warm, safe and sanitary drink.

Our entire product is designed and produced to provide energy and heat in the most convenient packaging possible. Through our self-heating technology and 2-year shelf life, we are able to have a product that is ready-to-drink and ready-to-eat at anytime, anywhere and can be shipped across the world to the people that need it the most.

A truly convenient product fit for everyone!

  • A Team You Can Trust

    Warming your hands, warms our hearts! Our entire team is dedicated to bringing a product that will always help brighten the day of anyone that enjoys it.

  • Comfort and Warmth All in a Single Package

    Enjoy all your favourite hot beverages and delicious soups at a click with our revolutionising product that always delivers in only 3 minutes, anywhere, anytime!

  • Internationally Certified EU Production Facility

    State of the art equipment, process and facility capable of delivering the unique self-heating products. We pride ourselves in our production, that guarantees a product that is consistency, safe and that always delivers a deliciously hot coffee or soup.

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Proud supporter of the UN Global Compact

We always look to support great initiatives with a mission to build a better tomorrow! We are also registered vendors for several global organisations to provide heat and comfort with our unique self heating product.

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